About the Artist

Welcome to Julie May's album. As a 18 year veteran of the business world and the co-owner of Anitography Solutions Julie provides clients with the tools needed to engage their customers in a visual manner. These services include animation, virtual tours, commercial photography, QR codes, and product models. Julie's passions include her unwavering thirst for knowledge and her interest in paradigm shifts, which have allowed her to explore several disciplines in her personal and professional career. Her path has led through the medical industry, business analytics, publishing, training, telecommunications and ultimately to establishing Anitography; a company that represents a new paradigm in retail marketing. Julie recently completed studies at the University of Liverpool, where she received a MSc. in Project Management under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Services and challenged herself by writing about sustainable maintenance, construction, and day to day operations of the Retirement-Aged Communities.
Immortalizing businesses and bringing place names to life for customers on the web.